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“I started going to Three Cords Counseling at a time when my life seemed hopeless, everything was falling apart. Dr. Langford helped me see how out-of-balance my life was and taught me how to regain the Christ-centered life that God wanted for me. I am still a work in progress, but now each day is filled with hope!"

Mike - Hiram, Ga.


"I am so thankful for Three Cor ds Counseling.   I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and battled with low self worth, fear, anger and shame for 42 years!  My abuser was a close family member and because of that, I have lived with him being a part of my life always.  With Dr. Langford's help, I have worked through my struggles am no longer a victim to his presence and control in my life.  In counseling I learned to have healthy boundaries, to stand up for myself, I am able to say "no", to be assertive and to take responsibility for my choices.  I now have tools to use whenever I feel angry, manipulated and "less than".  I have learned through Christian Counseling that I am a person of worth and value, that God loves me and that I no longer need to feel shame for what was done TO me.  I am now free to be the woman God created me to be.  I have a loving relationship with Christ, with my family and with myself.  I am eternally grateful for the counseling I received through Three Cords Counseling and I highly recommend Dr. Langford to ANYONE who needs help and healing."

Karla - Rockmart


"Dr. Langford and Three Cords Counseling have been a blessing in my life. At 3CC I found a safe place to share openly, honestly and without judgment. I can truly say that through the commitment, love and understanding that I have received from Dr. Langford and 3CC, I am experiencing a wholeness in my life that I never before imagined. I thank God daily for Three Cords Counseling and Dr. Connie Langford.

Gary - Buchanan, Ga.


"After many attempts and with minimal help from other counselors, I was referred to Three Cords Counseling. Dr. Langford became the vessel that God used to enable me to see myself through His eyes. I had experienced some very difficult times in my life and was fearful to "go there" and to see how those events had so negatively affected my life and relationships as an adult. Through her patience and gentleness with my tender heart,

Dr. Langford helped me begin to see and become the woman that God created me to be. She is the only counselor who truly guided me in love and in Truth. She continually held me accountable, expected me to apply the tools she taught me, and always, in grace, "gave it to me straight!". I thank God for Three Cords Counseling; I am finally experiencing and enjoying a life of true freedom. Dr Langford will forever be one of the most influential people in my life!

Viki - Powder Springs


"By God's loving grace, I found Dr. Connie Langford! Through her wise counsel, wealth of wisdom, sound judgment and amazing Spirit of discernment, I have finally found the peace that I have searched for my whole life. I am mo longer in bondage to depression, anxiety or fear that previously consumed me.

God truly has His hand in this ministry and has most definitely anointed Dr. Langford with the gift of helping others. I have referred many people to her and each one received the same help and healing that I did. I am so very thankful for Three Cords Counseling - I feel that I am the most blessed girl in the world!"

Lori - Rockmart, Ga.


"Christ is always at the center of Three Cords Counseling. Our family received compassionate and prayerful counseling from Connie Langford through Individual, Marriage, and Family Counseling. Our struggles were wide-ranged and Connie helped us to not only understand ourselves and each other better, but helped us develop skills to work through our specific issues."

Tim - Rockmart, Ga.

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