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It has been said..."we are all products of our past but we do not have to be prisoners of our pasts".  

Mission Statement

*To teach, guide and encourage individuals and families into healthy and productive lives.

*To identify and and resolve personal, relational and spiritual issues through the inexhaustible resources of Jesus Christ.


The Logo and the Name

"Three Cords Counseling" comes from scripture. Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, wrote about relationships in the book of Ecclesiastes. He stated that a rope of two intertwined cords (two people) is stronger than one, but that a rope of three cords (one that includes God) is stronger and is not likely to break.

Ecclesiastes 3:9-12


Three Cords Counseling

offers Christ-centered, Biblically based counseling services in the areas of:





Emotional Difficulties

Family Matters


Life Skills

Marriage and Premarital Counseling


Spiritual and Biblical Understanding


Why Christian Counseling?

As a Christian counselor I desire to help people overcome difficult life circumstances. My goal is to guide and support others in finding peace and joy in everyday living and to lead them into healthy, well-adjusted and productive lives.

With God's unlimited resources, I am able to provide a plan of treatment that focuses on healing the whole person...

Body - Soul - Spirit


Connie Langford, Ph.D.

Education and Certification

Doctorate of Religious Philosophy and Christian Counseling

Logos Christian College and Graduate School

Jacksonville, Fla.

Master of Arts - Christian Counseling

Logos Christian College and Graduate School

Jacksonville, Fla.

Bachelor of Theology 

Beacon University, CLST 

Columbus, Georgia



Grace Life Ministries 

Temperament  Assessment

Board of Examiners for Georgia Christian 

Counselors and Therapist 

Board Certified 

Executive Board Member, 2015-present

Georgia Christian Counselors 

Association (GCCA) 

 Member and 2008 Executive Board Member

American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) Member

Association of Biblical Counselor (ABC), Member

Life Choices of Polk County, 2012 Board Member


To be free from the fallout of our feelings we must feed on the facts of God's word...

and Jesus said, "I am the Bread of Life; he who comes to me will never be hungry" 

John 6:35


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