Three Cords Counseling, LLC - Guidance for Successful Living


Initial Session (1 1/2 - 2  hr.)                     $ 155.00
Established Session (1 hr.)                         $  87.00

Pre Marital Sessions                                    $  75.00/each (5-6 Sessions)

We accept cash, check or major credit cards.  
We also accept Employee Savings Account Cards.

Three Cords Counseling does not accept or file insurance.

Phone Consultations (15-20 minutes)                   $ 30.00
                                      (20-30 minutes)                   $ 45.00

Letters/Forms                                                             $ 50.00                                            (or will be determined by 3CC and time required to prepare)

Failure to notify of cancellation
within 24 hours                                                          $ 40.00
"No Show" for appointment                                    $ 40.00

Confidentiality is very important to Dr. Langford and Three Cords Counseling.  Our Informed Consent form will explain the details further and we will answer any questions that you may have.

If you are seeking counseling because you have been told (or you believe) that you need the testimony of a counselor in a court of law, it is recommended that you pursue agreement with a licensed mental health provider who specifically works in that area and is available for court appearances.  

Connie Langford would consider it an honor to speak to your church, your prayer group, women's group, Ladies Night Out, Conference or other outreach opportunity.  She is an experienced speaker on topics such as:
Falling In Love With Jesus
My Heart - Christ's Home (speaking and drama)
Freedom in Christ
Steps to Christian Growth
She is always open to speak on specific areas such as Grief, Marriage and Family, Parenting, Spiritual Formation or others that would help your church or group.
References are available by email @
To schedule or discuss further,  contact
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