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We are so glad that you are here.

If you are visiting this website because your life has become difficult...please allow us the privilege of offering you hope.

At some point in life, each and every person's life journey will take them into times of trials, suffering, sadness and confusion. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed, trapped or defeated or maybe you just need guidance and advice.

At Three Cords Counseling, we believe that there is a way to find peace, contentment, joy and victory ~ even in the midst of trying circumstances. Our goal is to provide Christ centered help that will strengthen and encourage you and lead you into an abundant life.


An Invitation...

Three Cords Counseling invites you to call our office today to begin a new journey in your life. Whether you are having relational issues, depression, grief or spiritual questions, we would love the opportunity to talk with you. Christian author, Stormie Omartian, wrote a book entitled, Just Enough Light for the Step I'm On . It is a wonderful book, but the title alone speaks volumes. Oftentimes what we need is just enough 'light' to be able to see where the next step is - just enough 'light' to make it through the day.


† Learn new and healthy life skills.

† Discover how to deal with destructive relationships.

† Identify and discover destructive life patterns.

† Develop the discipline to live your dreams.

† Find healing from disappointment and losses.

† Encounter the peace and healing power of God in a safe,

  confidential and professional setting.







Connie Langford, Ph.D.

Christian Counseling and Religious Philosophy

15 Hendrix Road

Rockmart, Ga. 30153







FB: Three Cords Counseling, LLC 

Three Cords Counseling, LLC

Phone: 770-402-9827

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